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Ever since I tasted the fresh and spicy pizza in 2006, I always felt like giving a similar experience with the INDIAN chicken grilled in the clay oven (Tandoor). I thought that it would be unique in the fast food world and honestly felt that giving FRESH – HOT – HEALTHY FOOD for reasonable PRICE will quench my thirst for food business.

PUDINA (in most of the Indian languages) refers to ‘MINT’. It is an herb that is synonymous to freshness and can bring that extra zing and unique flavor to almost anything it is added to. It is native to the temperate regions of Europe and western and central Asia, east to the Himalaya and eastern Siberia, and North America.

I hope that PUDINA will give a fresh and positive experience to all the customers with its rich taste and mint green interior. For unique Indian food & pizza, visit Pudina Fresh Indian Grille in Charlotte, NC today!

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